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A Beer Lover's Paradise: Unveiling the Perfect Hotel for Craft Brew Enthusiasts

By: Hotel E / 08 Feb 2024
Hands holding three beers

The Perfect Hotel for Craft Beer Lovers

For beer enthusiasts seeking the ultimate retreat, look no further! Hotel E is the perfect hotel for your next beer-centric retreat, standing at the crossroads of comfort and craft beer culture. Nestled in the heart of a glorious Sonoma County, known for our outstanding breweries, Hotel E promises an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate the artistry behind every pint.

The Best Breweries in Santa Rosa

There are so many delicious pints to sample when staying with Hotel E — and here are some of the top spots near us, serving pints not to be missed! And great news, many of these breweries are walking distance from Hotel E…


Russian River Brewing Company

Ummm…yum. Russian River Brewing Company was established in 1997 by Korbel Champagne Cellars among the majestic redwoods in West Sonoma County. After 6 years, Korbel decided to get out of the beer business and agreed to transfer the brand and all recipes to their head brewer, Vinnie Cilurzo. Vinnie and his wife, Natalie, were excited to pursue their passion for craft beer together and opened their first brewpub in Santa Rosa in April 2004. Pliny the Elder, first brewed at the Korbel location in 1999, was one of the first commercially brewed Double or Imperial IPAs in America and won numerous awards over the years. They continue to wow beer-oriented taste buds with their signature brews, including their limited edition triple IPA (you read that right) Pliny the Younger. This year's release is at the end of March - early April. Don't miss it! Did we mention Russian River Brewing Company is .2 miles from Hotel E's front door, aka 2 minutes on foot? Forget the uber, enjoy the beers. 

 3 Disciples Brewing 

Their slogan is "innovative ales that will make you think", but we think "innovative ales that will make you see god" also works. Brewers James and Matt pray at the ale altar, exploring and perfecting their small batch brews and making sure nothing less than a heavenly sip meets your lips. Beer truly is their religion, and after a pint or two, it will probably be yours too. Their Santa Rosa Plaza taproom includes a delicious food menu so you can pair your sacred sips with equally uplifting nibbles. Oh, and they're .1 miles away from Hotel E, or a 1 minute walk. Amen. 

Fogbelt Brewing 

Fogbelt owners and head brewers Paul Hawley and Remy Martin both grew up in Sonoma County where the redwoods meet the vineyards. They come from winemaking families- both their fathers were professional winemakers and they grew up working in the cellars. The old saying, "it takes a lot of beer to make wine" rings especially true for these long-time friends who have been brewing together since 2004, when they worked the grape harvest in New Zealand. Remy went on to study brewing at UC Davis and they started working on recipes and dreaming of making beer professionally. The first official batch was brewed in 2013 and the taproom opened in February of 2014. Their passion, love and background shines through each unique offering, from hazy IPAs to crisp, classic lagers and hearty Irish coffee stouts. Not to mention, they do a killer burger. Only a five minute drive or Lyft from Hotel E….  

Civilization Brewing 

Delicious, delicious, delicious! This amazing local brewery is the spot to go for a craft brew and a good time. A two minute walk from Hotel E!

HenHouse Brewing Company 

"When the three of us met, it was immediately clear we would start a brewery together. There was no period of hemming and hawing; we got straight to it." Owners Shane, Collin and Scott knew from the moment they met it was beer kismet! HenHouse Brewing Company offers some of the best brews for miles, and they're walking distance from Hotel E! Their Saison is not to be missed… 

In Conclusion

After a day of exploring the vibrant beer scene, unwind in the comfort of your room or have a nightcap at Hotel E's Enology Lounge, serving more delicious local beers and wines. For those who believe that great beer is an art form, Hotel E serves as a gateway to a world where craftsmanship meets comfort. Immerse yourself in the local craft beer culture, savor unique brews, and create memories that blend the perfect pint with the perfect stay. Cheers to a beer lover's paradise!

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